Hannah Smith

Y2 Class teacher, Maths Lead, Curriculum lead (incl history and geography) and EVC

Specialism(s)  Maths , Y2, QFT

Background Information:

I have worked at St Peter at Gowts, an inner city school for the previous 7 years, having previously worked at Witham St Hughs prior to this. I have taught across KS2 over the years but have currently been in year 2 for the last 3 years. St Peter at Gowts has a varied school population, with above average levels of EAL and PP children who benefit greatly from quality first teaching. I have also been a student mentor in school for schools direct and SCITT students, as well as supporting and mentoring students at various stages through their university studies.

Support and Qualifications:

My aim as an SLE is to offer quality support and coaching to maths subject leaders, especially those who are earlier on with developing and establishing their role.  Within my current school setting, maths has been on a huge developmental journey over the previous four years, coming through an Ofsted, HMI  inspections and then finally a second Ofsted. My particular interest lies in developing ‘teaching for mastery’ throughout the school, whether this lies in curriculum development to ensure basic skills are taught effectively and consistently, pedagogy, lesson design or teaching and learning. I am able to support other maths leaders through developing action plans, focusing on specific areas for development, helping to identify and prioritise key areas. I can support through data analysis, looking at current trends, identifying progress and attainment for different groups of children.

I have also worked with SCITT trainees across different teaching alliances, providing EAL training days, looking at the differences between EAL and bilingual learners, as well as providing strategies for supporting children within the classroom when you have multiple different languages.

Most current work/experience:

EAL training day for Scitt students

QFT as part of the Lens project

Why you wanted to become an SLE:

I was interested in taking on the role of an SLE after working with SLE’s myself. Being able to share and develop ideas with others helped me to develop my own subject leadership skills and I feel it is now my turn to be able to give back. School-to-school support is such an important and potentially successful way to nurture and develop leaders of the future, leading to enhanced outcomes for the children within these schools, which ultimately is why we do our jobs, to better the experiences and outcomes for all our children. Being an SLE is also a fantastic way to continue to develop and enhance my own skills because learning is and should be a never-ending process for all practitioners.