Lyndsey Done

Name: Lyndsey Done

Title: Year 2 teacher, English lead, Leadership team

Specialism(s) English, Phonics, ITT and NQT.

Updated as of: 24.4.2019

Background Information:

I work at Welton St Marys where I have taught in a variety of year groups across both Key Stages, working in Year 2 for the past 3 years.

I have been an SLE for the past year, supporting ITT students as a visiting tutor, delivering English training for ITT students, providing moderation guidance and support with a specific focus on achieving GDS and supporting schools to enhance the teaching and learning of reading and writing.

Support and Qualifications:

In 2014, I successfully completed my Enlist qualification (English Specialist Teacher Programme), which enabled me to begin to use current research to explore and implement new theories within the school around reading and writing, along with experimenting with new concepts and technology that aimed to enhance teaching and learning opportunities for pupils. Enlist provided me with strong foundations for English leadership, in terms of building strong professional networks across Lincolnshire, understanding how to lead on change in school as well as engaging in research. Last year I was part of the Kyra Research Programme, putting an idea of my own  through a cycle of research. This year I have been a part of the LEAP training which has provided me with further understanding of the teaching of reading and writing and has allowed me to keep up to date with and explore current research.

Most current work/experience:

Training for ITT students on the teaching of reading and vocabulary linked with the current EEF research

Training for schools on what a GDS reader and writer looks like in every year group

Leading moderation in identifying the achievements and next steps of GDS readers and writers in each year group

Supporting ITT students in a variety of schools with the role of phonics visiting tutor

Active English training

Why you wanted to become an SLE:

I wanted to be an SLE because I really enjoy working alongside others, whether that be children, parents or others within the education profession. I take real pleasure in using and sharing my own experience and expertise to support others in developing their own knowledge and understanding, in turn working together to enhance teaching and learning. I love going into new schools and working with new members of staff. This often provides me with new ideas that I like to take back to my own classroom and try!