Micheal Sharpe

Michael Sharpe is an SLE working at Ling Moor Primary Academy.

SLE Specialism(s):

Maths and a mastery approach to maths

Teaching and Learning

Assessment for Learning

Y6 Boosting and SATs

Current school and job role:

Ling Moor Primary  Academy

Maths and DT subject leader – SLE

Brief context of school:

The school is larger than the average primary school, with roughly 350 pupils.  We have mixed year groups in KS2, but are gradually making the transition to single year groups.  The large majority of pupils are White British and very few pupils speak English as an additional language.  The proportions of disabled pupils and those who have special educational needs supported through school action, school action plus, or a statement of special educational needs are all below average.   The proportion of pupils supported by the pupil premium is below average.

Background and experience:

I have worked at Ling Moor for about 16 years, mainly in Y5/6.  I am maths subject leader and am passionate about generating a love of maths whilst raising standards in the process.  Having previously worked as an AST, I have supported many teachers and subject leaders in maths, teaching and learning and subject leadership.  Recently I have spent a lot of time working alongside the maths hubs to develop the use of a mastery maths curriculum at Ling Moor and we have begun the implementation of this, including the use of text books. I think participation and engagement are crucial to teaching and learning and should be a constant part of any lesson.

I have completed the NPQSL module and really believe in the coaching model as a way of supporting others and hope to be able to use this in the future.    I have done a lot of work around  Growth Mindsets, which I think is enormously powerful within schools and alongside the new curriculum, and I am really keen to see how this can impact on a child’s learning. 

SLE deployments and impact of support:

Most recently I have worked alongside several subject leaders with a focus on exploring what is mastery in maths; what it should look like and how to begin embedding it into teaching practice across the school.