Victoria Maycock

Victoria Maycock is an SLE working at Waddington All Saints Primary School

SLE Specialism(s):

Early Years, Phonics, teaching and learning, promoting positive learning behaviours, effective use of questions

Current school and job role:

Waddington All Saints; class teacher currently working within Foundation Stage. Responsible for the development of community links with school.

Brief context of school:

Waddington All Saints is larger than the average-sized primary school with two thirds of pupils coming from service families. As a result well above-average proportion of pupils join and leave the school partway through their education. The school was graded as an outstanding school in October 2014 and designated as a National Support School in March 2017.

Background and experience:

I have been teaching for 22 years in both urban and rural schools, currently teaching in an outstanding school. Taught across KS2, KS1 and in Foundation Stage. My experience and positive outgoing perspective have enabled me to work with and support many colleagues over the years. I can enthuse and support experienced and inexperienced teachers alike. I know what it is like to be an experienced teacher and change direction and learn all over again and my passion and love of learning shines through. My mission is for children to enjoy their learning and feel successful.

During my role in community engagement I have embraced opportunities to promote our school’s success in the local area, celebrating achievements and  showcasing outstanding learning in festivals, competitions and exhibitions.

SLE deployments and impact of support:

Supporting teaching and learning within key stage 1.

Promoting positive learning behaviours CPD course.

Supporting pre-school leaders to plan for transition to school.

Development of effective reading strategies throughout the school.